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Handling Plural Forms Of Telugu Words In Machine Translation

Plurals of any language plays crucial role in day-to-day conversations. Any language cannot be imagined without plurals. More attention has to be given to plurals and their inflections in Machine Translation (MT) since they are not formed based on one predefined particular rule - especially in Telugu that is selected as the source language (SL). There are numerous categories of singulars. Various rules are employed to form their plurals. Numerous types of plural forms and their formations of Telugu are discussed in this paper. Plural formation rules are discussed along with their colloquial forms. Some of the plural forms are formed beyond any logic and sometimes they used to form in accordance with usage of the people. Plurals and their inflections are discussed along with some of their popular colloquial forms. Obtaining plurals from their inflection forms for MT is discussed in this paper along with some of their popular colloquial plural inflections. Index terms - Plurals, Inflections, Plural Inflections, Mt, Telugu Plural Forms.