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Sustainable Plastic Waste Management Scheme For K-12 Educational Institutions

Plastic products have become an integral part in our daily life as a basic need. It produced on a massive scale worldwide and its production crosses the 150 million tonnes per year globally. In India, more than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste are generated every day, of which 6,000 tonnes remain uncollected and littered. In this paper we explore the scope of Student Inclusion to address the issues of Waste Management. The students will be bringing recyclable plastic waste to their schools on a dail/weekly basis. A Management Information System developed and stored in the Cloud will be used by the schools. The School authorities make the input of the details of waste collected by each student and equivalent value based points will be allotted to them. These points thus generated become a savings for the students . Students can convert these points for the purchase of educational products such as, Skill Development tools ,Information and Communication and Technology applications, Project kits etc. It can also be used for some entrepreneurial initiatives to be undertaken in the school. In the exceptional cases students will be provided an option to convert to cash also. The scheme also develops entrepreneurial skills in the school students while providing environmental education. The Project was successfully implemented at 150 schools in Kannur Districtof Kerala state in the name, “ Collectors@school. The Sustainable waste Management Model hence addressed to a great extend, the burning issue of plastic waste management prevailing in the society of Kannur . Keywords - Sustainable Waste Management , Plastic waste , Entrepreneurship , Management Information System, environmental education, Information Communication and Technology (ICT)