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The Importance Of Arabic Language To Research Efforts In Islamic Studies

There is no gain saying the fact that Arabic language is an inseparable Siamese twin with Islamic studies, as the latter cannot promise a standard status in isolation of the former, any deficiency in the mastery of Arabic language is a direct deficiency in Islamic studies, the reason among others, is that the primary sources of Islamic studies can only be conveniently and adequately understood, through the study of standard Arabic language in which the Qur’an and other sources of Islamic studies were rendered, the alarming incessant fall in the standard of Islamic studies in our modern academic experience and the proliferation of many extremist thoughts among the Muslim ummah could be linked among other causes, to the lack of a satisfactory understanding of the revealed texts from which every sect picks its supportive evidence . this research has been conducted to discuss the importance role Arabic language could play in conducting researches in the field of Islamic studies and the threats that lack of the knowledge of standard Arabic language may pose to conducting standard research in the field of Islamic studies, the research also answers some frequently asked questions that invariably occur and offer some suggestion that might aid successful works in writing Islamic studies projects in Arabic. Keywords - Arabic Language, Research Efforts, Islamic Studies