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Map Production For Calcite Mineral In West Of Iraq (West Of Holy Karbala) By Hyperspectral Image Analysis With X-Ray Test

Calcite is an important mineral in the glass industry. This research studied the initial investigation of Calcite mineral in the soil through remote sensing and product its distribution map to assist the researcher, investor and geologist in the investigation of minerals. The study area is located west of the holy city of Karbala, near Lake Razazah, where it is located in an important strategic area. The Hyperspectral image of study area that produced by the EO-1 satellite was used to detect Calcite metal by interpreting the image, which contains 242 bands, that increasing the difference and increasing the information extracted from the feature. The Spectral Correlation Mapper (SCM) technique was used in the Erdas program to determine the ratio of Calcite metal after image interpretation and determination of the Calcite region; the results of the interpretation were compared with the results of the laboratory by means of the X-ray test of soil samples that prove there is Calcite in study area. Keyword – Hyperspectral, Erdas Software, SCM