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Enhancement Of Efficiency And Performance Of Researches Using Hrm

This paper reviews the literature on research performance with the focus on human resource management (HRM) practices. Attention is directed to specific correlates that influence high research performance at institutions of higher education. To answer the research question an extensive analysis of previous research studies is conducted. This study imparts a clarification of specific HRM practices that influence individual research productivity and lead to research excellence. HRM practices are classified into skill-enhancing, motivation-enhancing and opportunity-enhancing practices for research-oriented work. Results reflect the references of previous studies to analyse determinants of research performance in a complex and structural manner and reveal a specific set of HRM practices that enable to transform personal characteristics into performance. Institutions of higher education can use the findings effectively applying HRM practices enhancing research performance. Peer-review under responsibility of Kerman steel industry Keywords: Research performance; HRM practices; Institutions of higher education; Researchers; factors.