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Towards Public-Private-People Partnership (4Ps) Based-Environmental Management and Sustainable Tourism Development in Pekalongan Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Pekalongan District, is laid on three landscape characteristics, i.e. hilly-mountainous, coastal, and low land areas. Paying more attention to the mountain and hilly areas, standon300 - 1500 meters above sea level, Petungkriyono, in particular, which can be described as the last natural paradise in Central Java due to its beautiful remain natural forest and environment. This area has been conserved by the isolated way, ignoring the local people’s social welfare for many decades. As one of the lungs of Java Island, the most populous island in the world, Petungkriyono has been promoted as a national heritage park. Due to the trending market on adventure tourism instead of urban one, Petungkriyono, and surrounding areas have been considered to be new potential adventure tourism destinations. Worry on impacts of drastically changing on its environment, then some issues related to sustainable conservation and environmental management have been coming up. The best practice and lesson learned-based study that was descriptively inquired with a multiple-case study taken at other three villages in Central Java which active on rural-eco tourism development, has discovered four modelsof public participation in the tourism development, including one existing model found in Pekalongan District itself. The local government has been encouraging to establish a new more advanced model to harmonically create relationship among environmental conservation, sustainable tourism development, and social welfare issues within the scheme of Public-Private-People Partnership (4Ps). Keywords - Environmental Management, Sustainable Tourism, Social Welfare, And 4ps Scheme