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The Social Capital on Regeneration Process of Batik Industry and Business in Pekalongan Area, Central Java, Indonesia

As a traditional handy-craft based textile product in Indonesia, “batik” has obscure roots back to long before the 12th century, and it has been growing since the 12th century in Pekalongan Area. After, then it reached its higher refinement and enrichment in the last two centuries from about the decades of 1830 to 1945. Despite the fact, it was up and down business, even had ever been noted there was sharply decrease during the decade of 1970-1980 due to both non-craft based batik industries’ competition and new national economic policy, it has been never totally collapsed. Even, nowadays it has been coming back to another golden era since UNESCO recognized it to be a part of world’s cultural heritage since couple years ago. As the biggest cluster of it in Indonesia, even in the world, Pekalongan’s batik supplies about seventy percent in the national market. This research was qualitatively and descriptively analyzed with a multiple-case study taken at some batik clusters in Pekalongan area, concludes that the batik industry and business in Pekalongan area has stood the test of time since the norms, spirit, brotherhood, and trust of local people able to successfully transform into the social capital that are not only in widely regeneration process, but also more productive in society which includes both economic creativity and innovation, supported by technology, artistry, and open adaptable natures, and the role of public facility as well. Index Terms - Batik, Norm, Spirit, Brotherhood, Trust, Social Capital, Regeneration