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Research on Countermeasures Against Financial Risks in China Under The Background of Deglobalization

"Deglobalization" refers to the regression of globalization. Since the establishment of the Bretton Woods System, the world economy and trade have been gradually integrated in the past decades, and the links around the world are even more inseparable in the Internet era. However, since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the policy of global integration has been blocked, the Brexit of the UK, the decline of the willingness of the United States to implement globalization, the rise of national populism and many other black swan events have demonstrated the rise of the "deglobalization" wave. In the context of this international environment, the potential threat of financial economic risks is constantly rising. Facing with such a situation, it is necessary not only to objectively analyze the manifestations and causes of the phenomenon of "deglobalization" and explore its impact on international finance, but also to study financial risks in combination with China's specific conditions and discuss practical and effective risk prevention measures, so as to achieve sound and healthy development of national economy. Index terms - Deglobalization, International Financial Risks, Brexit, The Chinese Model.