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Production and Marketing of Organics Riceberry in Chaiyaphum Province

The objecttives of this research were (1) to study organic riceberry production in Chaiyaphum Province (2) to study about marketing of organic riceberry in Chaiyaphum Province and (3) to study about marketing consumption and perceived value toward organic riceberry of consumer in Bangkok. Used mix methods to collect data, qualitative methods were survey ,observation and depth interview 2 farmers and quantitative methods used online questionnaire from 400 sampling.Used descriptive statistic such as mean ,standard deviation and percentage to analysis data. The result were illustrated that the company have promoted ,supported ,controlled the organic production standard and bought the riceberry in high price from farmers who joined the group which called “community enterprise” The cultivated area of the group were 600 rai and the operation were the same as the operation in Riceberry Valley Project.The farmers have gained the profit from organic riceberry farming 7,500 baht per rai in average.Marketing of riceberry in the area occurred that farmers have sole riceberry paddy to the company. In Bangkok riceberry have distributed to both traditional and modern trade retail.Most of consumer consumed health rice and riceberry was most popular .They have eaten riceberry mixed with jasmine rice in their home.Bought riceberry in amount 1-2 kg. from modern trade retail .Have selected riceberry in good clean and safety package ,trusted brand and seller.Consumer have very high level of attitude toward perceived value of riceberry in nutrition and vitamins issues.They have high level of attitude toward riceberry in the issues about good for health ,value for pricing ,intended to consume and recommend riceberry to another .The demographic ง characters of riceberry consumer were female in workingage ,were government officer and employee and business owner, well educated and almost high income. Keywords - Organics Riceberry, Perceived Value, Consumer