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Environment: Regional and Global Responsibility

The paper would make an attempt to touch upon those aspects of biology, ecology, and geography which are related to an understanding of the environment its physical and human complements. Environment having become the top priority, environmental security came to the mind of scholars and statesmen. Environmental rights in this sense are different in kind from biocentric rights of nature, or from legislation protecting the right of “the environment” to be protected from human harm. A new development approach became the need of the hour. The global environment capture international political and policy attention. The carrying capacity of the Mother Earth was limited but the Homo-sapien-centred thought and behaviour overlooked the fact that all life is one and man had flourished at the cost of other animals and plant species. It is true that the environmental problems are more challenging today than ever before. It’s also a reality that we have to fight against the menace. It is the major responsibility of regional organizations such as European Union, SAARC, NAFTA and many more, to tackle environmental challenges, the call for community control is at best a threat to their power and at worst a recipe for indecision and muddling through to ecological disaster. The increased seriousness of many environmental problems provides one of the most intuitively plausible reasons for believing that the nation state and the system of states may be either in crisis or heading towards a crisis. Let us take a pledge as students, scholars and statesman to undo the harm done by politicians, the so-called warriors whose behaviour is like that of cheetahs and parrots who destroy more and bite more than what they can chew. Changes are needed at all levels: local, national, regional, international and the universal levels. The concept of common heritage of mankind beckons as all.