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Attitude Of The Public Toward The Service Of Samsen Police Station. Bangkok

This research aimed to study. (1) To study the attitude of people towards the service of Samsen Police Station, Bangkok (2) To compare the difference between personal factors and attitude of people towards the service of Samsen Police Station. The sample used in the study was 400 persons by questionnaire. The statistics used in the analysis were percentage, mean, deviation, t-test, one-way ANOVA. The difference in LSD was set statistically significant at .05. The study indicated that (1) Overall, The results of the study on public attitudes toward service quality were at moderate level, followed by continuous service at a moderate level. The service is fast and easy in the moderate level. And the last one is the progressive service also at a moderate level. (2) There is no difference in attitude in results of quality of life according to personal factors showed that gender, age and educational level. For marital status and occupation were statistically significant differences at .05 level. Index Terms: Attitudes, Service Of Police Station, People