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Part Of Speech (POS) Analysis In The Toeic Tests

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is not only the standard test of English language proficiency for international communication but also a crucial test for a job application to the top international companies in Thailand. The aim of TOEIC is to test how effectively the test takers can communicate in English under working environment. To achieve this, vocabulary seems to be one of the basic requirement for the test takers, meaning that the test takers need to know TOEIC word lists. Although TOEIC word lists are commonly available for the test takers, it can be argued that to be successful in taking the test, vocabulary is needed to be learned with its part of speech (POS). Therefore, this study aims to investigate POS of 30 TOEIC practice tests by using AntConc and TagAnt programs. We found that nouns are the most frequent words. It seems that investigating POS not only reveals key vocabulary but also key grammatical structures which are very important for taking the tests in reading and grammar sections. Index Terms: Part of speech, TOEIC, AntCon