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To Share or Not to Share: How Attractive Title and Types of Video Affect Sharing Behavior and Enhance Organic Reach

Because of the Facebook changing algorithm, a majority of brand has been facing to decline organic reach recently. Marketing specialists make an effort to increase this figure and maintain low budget. At the same time, video marketing becomes more popular and brings much efficiency for entrepreneurs. Video is considered as more favorable interactive information conveyance in comparison with text or images. Therefore, this research is investigated to find out the way to using video marketing as an effective solution for this problem. This study aims to examine how much video sharing enhance organic reach of Facebook. There are two stages of the experiment of the thesis: (1) Examine how much title and types of video influences video sharing behavior and (2) Examine whether organic reach is raised by video sharing. Keywords - Decline of Organic Reach, Video Marketing, Sharing Behavior, Attractive Title, Types of Videos JEL code - M20 M30 M31 M37