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The Study on the Conditions of Act on Civil Partnership Bill of Thailand Compared to The Registered Life Partnerships of the Federal Republic of German

Every human being, regardless of gender, is equal. They have the dignity of human rights, freedom, and equality. The state, as an organization of governing authority, may not discriminate against individuals for reasons of difference in origin, race, language, gender, age, disability, physical, health condition, personal status, economic or social status, religious beliefs, education, training, or opinions, as well as the matter of creating a family. Humans have the right to choose and decide for themselves. The family forming creates legal bond as provided in the Thai Civil and Commercial Code which defines the rights, duties, and conditions of marriage, stating that men and women according to their origin, can be married as husband and wife by law. For same-sex couples, according to the draft of Civil Partnership Bill, A.C....., it is another hope that will support the right to coexistence of people with sexual diversity in the near future that have set criteria similar to marriage, except for the age of the person who registered as the partner, only the age under the age of the criteria is important. Keywords - Partner, Sexual Diversity, Marriage