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Muslim and Marriage Conditions: Comparative Study According to Thai Law

The creation of a family by marriage between a man and a woman under Thai law is related to the customs, practices, and principles of religion by adopting a strict code of conduct as a law in order to protect family institutions which are important social institutions. Hence, laws related to family relations in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Code, Book 5 on Family, and Islamic Law on Family and Heritage have specific provisions relating to the conditions of marriage as specifically necessary for the enforcement of local laws. By the Islamic marriage in four southern border provinces such as Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala, and Satun Provinces according to the polygamous that men can have many wives but not more than four wives. Additionally, marriage is complete by having the Nikah ceremony without the need to register marriage under the Civil and Commercial Code. Keywords - Marriage, Cohabitation, Husband and Wife