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Legal Measures Analysis for Electronic Waste Control and Disposal in Thailand

Electronic waste or electrical appliances and electronic equipment are considered as parts of the present life. The consumer demand for these products will increase due to the current economic situation in a highly competitive environment together with the industrial process that develops technology to make progress, so entrepreneurs need to increase productivity more than before. However, how we can manage if those products are expired or deteriorating. The electronic waste contains toxic substances if it is disposed with other types of waste or not managed properly, and it will cause greater impact on both people and the environment. Currently, there is no specific law to be applied, but there is only Command and Control Approach from other laws that cover the term of e-waste.Hence, this research is an analysis of legal measures used for electronic waste control and management as well as providing guidance on the regulation of electronic waste management in order to be in line with the current problems of Thailand. Keywords - Legal Measures, Electronic Waste, and Control