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Examining the Translation Process through Psycholinguistic Perspective

The study aimed to examine the psycholinguistic process of translation students during the translation process. TAP (thinking-aloud method)has been applied to data collected through self-reports protocols. The four phases of creativity known as preparation, incubation, illumination and evaluation have been observed during English-Arabic and Arabic-English translation process. The translation majors performed quite well in English-Arabic translation than in Arabic-English translation. Translation grades varied according to the translation tasks and translation classes in the university. As far as translation techniques were concerned, mostly they were applied by the participants during incubation and illumination phases. But rarely, the participants applied translation techniques during the preparation and evaluation phases. Significant differences were found regarding strategy usage of the participants during the incubation and the evaluation phases. Keywords - Psycholinguistic Process, Thinking-Aloud Method, Self-Reports Protocols, Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, Evaluation