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Study of The Effectiveness of The Developed Strategies for The Improvement of The Speaking Skills

The present research paper deals with teaching English language in India. Researcher tried to develop and use innovative strategies in classrooms. Researcher taught some topics by using these strategies for developing speaking skills of the students. These strategies proved best to the school students. For the present research, researcher used experimental method and studied the effectiveness of the developed strategies Self-definitions of the students should be given importance in learning process. Researcher selected the 120 students for the present research and prepared four equivalent groups having 30 students in each group. Traditional method is compared with the innovative strategies of teaching learning English language. Researcher has given the method of research, hypothesis of the research, objectives of the research, need of the research, scope and limitations of the research, sampling method, statistical tools and conclusion of the research. Present research focused on the study of the effectiveness of the developed strategies of the teaching learning of English language. The present research is useful for the English language teachers to teach English language. Keywords - Strategies, Self-definitions