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The Role of Internet Self-Efficacy in The Technology Leadership and Technology Integration of Preschool Teachers

Technology leadership is widely used to improve technology integration.This influence consists of both the teachers' confidence in using technology and theprincipals’ role of leading and managing the educational institution. Therefore, the main purpose of this study was to explore whether Internet self-efficacy (ISE) mediates the associationbetween teachers’ perceptions of leaders’ Technology leadership (TL) levels and Technology integration (TI) in early-years education.Quantitative and purposive sampling methods were used in this study. Byusing structural equation modeling, the results indicate that TL plays an essential role in predicting the effects of TI. Moreover, mediation analysis showed that there was an indirect effect of ISE between TL and TI. These results contribute to the literature by revealing how the mediating role of ISE affect the relationship between TL and TI. Some concrete suggestions are offered as a reference for educational administrators, preschool teachers, and researchers. Keywords - Preschool; Internet self-efficacy; Technology leadership; Technology integration