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Exploration of Behavioural Problems among Senior High School Students: Implications for Counselling

The purpose of this paper was to explore behavioural problems among senior high school students in the Sissala East District. The concurrent descriptive survey design was used in the study. The instruments used to gather the data for the study were questionnaire and interview guide. The sample for the study was 222 made up of 220 students and 2 teacher-counsellors. Verbal responses from interviewees were used to validate the quantitative findings. The study showed that the prevalent deviant behaviours in the senior high schools were misuse of school property, sexual promiscuity, alcohol intake and use of obscene language. Again, it was found that the influence of guidance services on behavioural problems was to a moderate extent. The study also revealed that there was no statistically significant relationship between the influence of guidance services and behavioural problems among students. Lastly, the study showed that there was a statistically significant gender difference in opinions with regard to the extent to which guidance services reduced behavioural problems among students in the schools. It was recommended that guidance talks should be organized by the school counsellors to educate students about the negative effects of behavioural problems on students. Also, parents and religious leaders should assist in bringing up children of good behaviour in their homes and communities. Keywords - Adolescent; Behavioural Problems, Guidance Services, Senior High School.