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Preliminary Phytochemical and Biological Activity of Compounds from Dried Edible Fruit

The plants species have been traditional used for various alignments due to its chemicals long before the primeval period. Traditional systems of medicine are extensively practiced on many accounts. Due to population rise, insufficient supply of drugs, cost of treatment, side effects and development of resistance to currently available drugs have led to raised emphasis on the use of plant materials as source of medicines. Carissa edulis Vahl (C. edulis) is one such medicinal plant which was used to cure many diseases including toothache, ulcer, diabetes etc., The root of this plant was also considered as home remedies in many parts of world. Now, after gaining the knowledge of its traditional uses, we have investigated to isolate the bioactive compounds from C. edulis. Further the isolated compounds were subjected for its structural elucidation using NMR, GC-MS and FT-IR analysis. In future, it may help in isolation of bioactive compounds and analysis of pharmacological applications. Keywords - Carissa Edulis, Isolation, Phytochemicals, Identification.