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The Development of Klungkung Urban Areas in Terms of Urban Design Elements and Balinese Cultural Spaces

Today the local government of Klungkung Regency is incessantly developing and improving various aspects, namely the urban design elements and Balinese culture. With a strong history and background of Klungkung, it was the center of the reign of kings. Klungkung has an important and very central role in the area of Bali, namely the role of Puri Klungkung which was very influential from the Dutch colonial era to the kingdoms in the Bali region. the inherent Balinese space and culture.. This research is based on the low level of understanding and implementation of the community, the Government towards the Urban design elements and local cultural spatial structures that can support the development of an urban area. The existence of a city is inseparable from urban design elements and community activities, characteristic of urban development where most cities have different characteristics, both in terms of urban design elements and local community activities.Urban spatial planning cannot stand alone. How to design it must pay attention to the other design elements of the city in order to create harmony in the city design system (urban design). For this reason, the elements of urban architecture that influence the process of space formation. From the Balinese spatial pattern, there is the Tri Angga Concept, the central concept (Pempatan Agung), the Tri Hita karana concept and the Sanga Mandala Concept. This research uses qualitative methods by applying descriptive approaches, and literature studies. This study aims to find out how the development of urban areas in Klungkung is seen from the spatial elements and spatial layout of Balinese culture. From the results of the analysis, the benefits obtained are providing an overview of the development of Klungkung urban areas from the spatial elements and spatial layout of Balinese culture the operational order can formulate policies regarding the development of urban design elements in an urban area. in the future The results of this study are expected to be input in determining the form and pattern of identity in urban development. Index Terms - Urban Design Elements, Culture, Traditional Balinese Layout, Urban Areas.