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Rooting system of rice cultivated Under System Of Rice Intensification (Sri) Method Which improving Rice Production

Development of rice roots surely plays a very important role in the uptake of water and nutrients by rice plants.However, there are few reports on the rooting system of System of Rice Intensification (SRI). This research evaluated changes of the riceroot system under the SRI method compared to the conventional method and it�s influenced on the improving yield production.In the SRI method, transplanting was done at a seedling age of 10 days, with a planting distance of 25 cm x 25 cm and one seedling per hill; the soil was kept moist. In the conventional method, transplanting was done at seedling age of 25 days, with planting distance of 20 cm x 20 cm, three seedlings per hill; soil was kept continuously flooded. The fertilization for both methods are the same. Under the SRI method, the roots were significantly longer and heavier than the conventional method.TheSRImethodwas alsoable to increased number ofthe root hairsby 59.9% and more healthier root hairsthan the conventionalmethod. However,the rootrespirationwas notdifferent in both methods. The number of aerenchyme and aerenchyma areaof thericeroots in the SRImethodwas lowerthanthe conventionalmethod. Key words- respiration, rice anatomy, aerenchyma, root hairs, stem vessels