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Application of Various Wastes and Products Based on Them For The Recovery of Carbon and Nutrients in The Soil

This paper explores the possibility of carbon recovery and nutrients in soil through the use of different types of waste and products based on them. A comparison of the effect on the soils with application of different types of compost and some wastes – green lye, wood ash, composts. Concise conclusions were drawn based on the results obtained. The experimental materials were tested for the following parameters: active acidity (pH), conductivity, cation-exchange capacity (CEC), carbon content, total and available phosphorus (as a form of P2O5), availability of main nutrients Na, K, Ca, N, Mg and some microelement – Cu, Fe, Zn, Mo, etc. The studies were carried out both by standard techniques used in agrochemical practice and by appropriate adapted methods. It has been found that by applying the appropriate forms and quantities of waste used and products based thereon, a positive beneficial effect on the soil properties can be achieved. It has also been found that their application in the treatment of experimental soils leads to an increase in the content of carbon and essential nutrients and studied the effect into experimental vegetables – green peas and sweet pepper. Index Terms - Nutrients; Pot-Tests; Secondary by-Product; Soil Carbon Content; Wastes, Waste Utilization.