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Availability of Water Quality Data from an watershed of Southern, Brazil: An Online Platform

The Sinos River Basin, one of the most populated in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and its main watercourse is one of the most polluted rivers in Brazil. In view of the environmental problems and the deterioration of the quality of its waters, it is necessary to continuously monitor and invest heavily in sanitation actions. Conflicts generated by multiple uses of water determine increasing interest in the systemic approach to water quality management. Sensitive to these aspects, this research had as objectives: to identify the various institutional actions to evaluate the water quality of the river; present information on the hydrological monitoring network of the Rio dos Sinos River Basin; to propose an online system to divulge the results of basic parameters exclusive to Rio dos Sinos. A documentary research was conducted through which the entities responsible for the hydrological monitoring of the Sinos River and its tributaries were identified. It was found that there are several responsible organisms and that the sampling frequencies of water quality are varied. The main entity responsible for this monitoring is the State Foundation for Environmental Protection (FEPAM), which performs the analysis of physical, chemical and biological parameters quarterly. The owners of the sanitation services verify the hourly, daily and monthly frequency of the water abstracted and the standards of the effluents thrown into the river. Other entities, state and federal, perform the monitoring in fluviométricas and pluviométricas stations. It was found, therefore, that although the source was highly monitored, there was no integration of the data. The results of FEPAM monitoring and mapping were then tabulated in georeferencing programs. In addition, a graphical analysis of the results provided by FEPAM was made, considering the period from 2016 to 2018 of the parameters: dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, pH and turbidity for the eleven points registered in the Qualiágua - ANA program. A Web site, called QualiSinos, was developed with a web database, based on Geographic Information System, for the collection and dissemination of data and information from the Rio dos Sinos river basin. In this site, the results recorded by the users responsible for the analyzes can be visualized on a daily basis. There are also information on the socio-environmental aspects of the basin and information on the basic parameters of water quality monitoring (pH, turbidity, temperature, conductivity and dissolved oxygen). The platform developed will be made available on the server of some partner entity for free, in order to contribute to the integrated management of this important water resource. Index Terms - Water Quality, Water Resources Management, Geographic Information Systems, Sinos River.