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Boosting the Cloud Meta-Operating System with Heterogeneous Kernels. A Novel Approach Based on Containers and Micro services

A high SLA is a big challenge for the Cloud providers as they have to ensure the sustainability of their customers’ workloads that depend closely on the underlying OS. The kernels are the cores of the OS, and the monolithic kernels are still the most performant despite of their fragility and unreliability. We think that the superposition of the kernels in such way that a healthy kernel replaces the vulnerable services of another kernel is a good track to operate. This replacement is accomplished via the transfer of system calls from the vulnerable kernel to a more reliable and efficient remote discovered kernel. We propose the architecture of a Meta-OS based on heterogeneous monolithic kernels in order to ensure reliability and performance. The features of this Meta-OS are encapsulated in microservices hosted on containers. Two technologies are used to implement our solution: Virtualization (hardware and OS based) and Web Services. Keywords - Operating Systems, Monolithic Kernels, System calls, Mission critical and intensive applications, Virtualization, Docker, Containers, Web Services, Microservices