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Assessment Literacy of in-Service Teachers in Iran: A Case Study

Assessment literacy as the cornerstone of language testing is a crucially important phenomenon in academic institutions all over the world. Assessment literacy is defined as an individuals’ understanding of the basic assessment concepts and procedures which are bound to influence educational decisions (Popham, 2009).To this end, the present study was undertaken to investigate the assessment literacy of in-service teachers in the context of Iran. In this regard, 20 male and female in-service teachers who were MA candidates of Applied Linguistics, were randomly surveyedvia the Teacher Assessment Literacy Questionnaire (Plake, 1993; Plake, Impara, &Fager, 1993). The findings indicated teachers were mostly competent in the competency area of administering, scoring, and interpreting test results and they were least competent in communicating test results. This article opens up new research directions in terms of assessment knowledge of teachers in the context of Iran. Keywords - Assessment Literacy, Higher Education, In-Service Teachers