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Linguistic Competency, Auditory Discrimination and Working Memory in Monolingual and Bilingual Children

The aim of the present study was examining linguistic competency, auditory discrimination and working memory in monolingual and bilingual children. The present study was causal-comparative. All monolingual kids of kindergartens and bilingual kids of English institutes consisted the population of the present study. Fifty 4-to-6-year old bilingual kids of English institutes and fifty 4-to-6-year old monolingual kids of kindergartens consisted the samples of the present study.Available sampling method was used in this study. Language Development Test by Hassanzadeh and Minaee( 2002), Wechsler Animal House Subscale( 1996) and Auditory Discrimination Test by Wepman( 1985) were used in this study. Data were analyzed using multivariate variance analysis. The results showed there is a significant difference between working memory, auditory discrimination and linguistic competency in monolingual and bilingual kids. Based on the results of the present study, it is recommended second language development in kids be attended because it enhances linguistic, auditory and cognitive skills. Keywords - Monolinguals, Bilinguals, Working memory, Auditory discrimination, Linguistic competencies.