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Cutter Mechanism Bomb Diffuser Robot

A time bomb (or a time bomb, time-bomb) is a bomb whose detonation is triggered by a timer. The use (or attempted use) of time bombs has been for various purposes including, terrorism, assassination and warfare. The explosive charge is the main component of any bomb, and makes up most of the size and weight of it. It is the damaging element of the bomb (along with any fragments or shrapnel the deflagration might produce with its container or neighboring objects). The explosive charge is detonated by a detonator. Mostly is terrorist attacks includes planting a time bomb at public places & in war field too this types of bombs are plant after leaving the hiding places. This proves to be very harmful when bomb diffusers fail to diffuse it. In order to reduce this risk we can make use of simple robots rather than going for complicated robots & strategies. As we know there is always presence of bomb diffusers in army, they take this risk at the cost of their life instead of that we can reduce this risk by robot. Some robots also designed where we are totally depended on them but here there also chances of having errors & confusing conditions for robots. Humans can take better decision than robots in critical conditions. So, in order to minimize chances of getting and error the design of robot must me simple with simple devices & their functioning. The robot mentioned is this paper is most simple one while the decision needed for diffusing bomb is given by bomb disposal experts sitting away from Robot & bomb as well. This reduces all the risks in war field and as well in terrorist attacks. Keywords- Mechanism, Robot, Damaging Element, Diffuse Bombs etc.