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Risk Literacy Education Experiment using a Probability Board Game

Besides probability and data analysis, there is a trend in education all across the world to include risk assessment into the teaching of uncertainty. Taiwan’s “12 Year National Mathematics Education Outline” will be officially implemented in August this year (2019); however, the education system still lacks materials for teaching risk concepts. A probability board game called “Rise of a Singular Cloud” was designed by this study which is targeted at eighth grade students, and explores ways to teach students to understand and solve probability problems via games, while paying special attention to the development of the concept of risk assessment. This experiment also investigates students’ ability to express probabilities in words, and their decision-making thought process. It is anticipated that the eighth grade students will be able to improve their probability knowledge and ability to express probabilities in words and will be able to cultivate an understanding of risk. From data obtained before and after the experiment, it was found that after playing “Rise of a Singular Cloud”, the students’ understanding of probability concepts improved. The study showed that: (1) Most students used intuitive thinking as a problem solving strategy before the game; however, after the game, they were able to use probability thinking to make decisions. (2) In terms of expressing probability in words, most students move from brief description of past experience to the narrative in probabilistic language. (3) When making risky decisions in “Rise of a Singular Cloud” we found that besides considering how to increase their chance of winning, students also considered how to protect their interests (sweets), and avoid losing everything when the wrong decision was made. Keywords - Probability Concepts, Risk Literacy, Board Game.