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Application of Traffic Big Data Demand Trend Analysis to Construction of Population Vulnerability and Friendly Environmental Assessment Indicator System

The Taiwanese region is deeply affected by global urbanization and climate change. This study focuses on the construction of a TOD friendly development strategy that can be used to assess the vulnerability assessment of the traffic environment population. The Institute assesses the vulnerability assessment indicators applicable to the traffic environment and is divided into five assessment criteria and 18 assessment indicators, each of which Both the criteria and the indicator weights have grey decision-making flexibility space, such as land use indicators [14.40~17.97], public facilities service indicators [20.64~23.13], pedestrian environmental indicators [29.97~35.03], and huge data indicators [5.98~7.84]. The five assessment facets, such as the traffic environment indicators [17.89~27.14], and the gray weights of the 18 assessment indicators represented in each facet can help the public transport development regions to use the evaluation criteria and indicators for flexibility. Decision-making can also be used as a reference for more efficient resource allocation with the conditions of the mass transit station and surrounding external characteristics. Keywords - Transit Oriented Development, Big Data, Population Vulnerability