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Trends in Massive Open Online Course for Language Learning: A Systematic Literature Review

Massive open online course (MOOC) is an online learning tool, especially for distance learning. It has attracted a great deal of attention by higher education institution around the globe. It also gave rise to academic discussion on MOOC impact, design and reach. However, researches on MOOC’s impact on language learning are still lacking. Therefore, this study aims to assess the research trend in MOOC for language learning around the globe by using the Systematic Literature Review approach from three databases within periods 2013 until 2018. Ten full assessed articles have been selected from Science Direct, ERIC and Researchgate. The major findings show that the English language has dominated in language learning using MOOC. It is also revealed that MOOC has the potential to enhance language learning among student in other languages. Keywords - MOOC, Language Learning, Distance Learning, Systematic Literature Review.