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Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technologies in Study Centers in Dar-Es salaam East Africa

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have redefined the educational frameworks by providing new opportunities and innovative effective environments of teaching and learning and with the emergence of IT-based educational innovations that offer potential learners an alternative and innovative learning environment, this study examined effectiveness of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in study centers in Dar es Salaam East Africa, guided and answered three research questions. A descriptive correlation research design was deemed best for the study and simple random sampling was used to select three study centers from ilala Municipality Dar-es salaam. A sample of 123 respondents was selected via simple random sampling technique. A self administered questionnaire designed on a 4-1 likert scale was used to collect data. Descriptive statistical tools such as mean and standard deviation were used to analyze the data obtained from the respondents. The results obtained showed that ICTs were not fully utilized in the teaching and learning process effectively. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended training of teachers on the use of ICT towards ensuring the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process, the government to embark on the proper implementation of ICT policy strategic plan and having affordable rates of ICT tools like laptops to teachers and students. Index Terms - Adoption, Effectiveness, E-Learning, Teaching, Utilization.