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3D Printed Hybrid Multilayer Scaffolds with Cell-encapsulating Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Articular cartilage disease severely affects the quality of life of millions of people around the world. According to statistics, one out of every five people suffer from arthritis. Therefore, the recovery and treatment of cartilage diseases is an extremely important issue. At present, the function and structure of cartilage cannot be completely restored by using drugs or surgery. With the development of tissue engineering, the possibility of cartilage tissue regeneration and complete repair has been improved. However, cartilage tissue currently prepared by tissue engineering still differs from natural cartilage in structural composition and mechanical properties. In this study, a biomimetic cartilage scaffold with complex internal porous structure and different layers of different structures was fabricated by three-dimensional printing technology in modern times to simulate the structural and mechanical properties of natural cartilage, and improved by hydrogel materials with encapsulated cells to increase the potential for cartilage differentiation and the maturation of cartilage tissue. Furthermore, this study combines a digital light processing and extrusion type printing system to develop a new process to prepare a customized hybrid multilayer scaffolds with cell-encapsulating hydrogels. Index Terms - About Four Key Words or Phrases in Alphabetical Order, Separated by Commas.