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Career Awareness Gap Between Rural and Urban Secondary School Students in Sarawak

The main objective of this study is to verify the existence of gaps in career awareness on various main job sectors in Malaysia between rural and urban school students in the central region of Sarawak, Malaysia. Other objectives are to confirm similar gaps in other demographic groupings such as gender, academic stream and age group. To measure the career awarenees the respondents in the selected schools were required to respond to the questionnaire containing 45 careers in eight main job sectors. The data was analysed and interpreted using descriptive and inferential statistics. Expectedly, the findings from the data analysis show that the rural school students are less aware of the eight main job sectors in Malaysia as compared to their counterparts in the urban schools. Results from similar comparisons in terms of career awareness, in other demographic groups, suggest that the female students fared better than male students, science stream students lead art stream students and older students are more knowledgable and mature than younger students. In the later, however, the advantage seemed to diminish when analysis conducted at higher age group. The discussion to findings, implications and suggestions are also presented in this study. Keywords - Rural-urban, Career Awareness, Career Development, Secondary Schools, SCORE.