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Social Media For Marketing Of MBA Institute Of Maharashtra State Of India: A Case Study

In this competitive world of marketing, every organization performs to sustain, thrive and grow in the business environment. Organizations exist for achieving certain objectives. The objective was to earn money through profit making. The profit can be generated through the effective marketing. Thus marketing was an essential activity for every organization. Most of the Management Institutes were run by private owners for educational quality enhancement, employment generation, branding of their educational institute and to earn money. Therefore, they also did marketing for branding their professional course like MBA. In this research work, an attempt had been made to get an overview of Social Media as a marketing tool & it is suggested to be adopted by management institutes by focusing on the relevant marketing strategies for attracting the students to enroll and to recommend effective marketing methods to brand their organization. In order to have better understanding of the facts, this topic was selected for the study. The aim of this research was to obtain new insights into the Social Media marketing of Management Institutes and to study the current problems and opportunities for suitable follow-up actions. The objective of the research was to study the current marketing strategies adopted by the Management Institutes in Maharashtra and to suggest effective tools of marketing to brand their positions in the educational industry. This research had been conducted in overall Maharashtra State of India as there were 389 Management Institutes in Maharashtra, the research had been done by selecting the 95 responding institutes (and for each institute 1 Director, 1 Management, 4 faculties, 4 students were the respondents) from the metropolitan cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and the emerging and developing cities in the field of Management education like Aurangabad, Nanded and others. The research had been focused on the success of management educational institutes and the different marketing strategies used by them.