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Big Data Analytics Framework To Support Airlines Sales And Marketing Strategy (A Study In Garuda Indonesia)

Purpose - The purpose of this research is to generate relevant actionable insight and recommendation from various airlines’ data sources related with Airlines’ products, customers, channels, and transactions. This insight can be beneficial to support sales and marketing campaign activity. Design/methodology/approach – This research will conduct big data analytics process and experimental analysis. First, data sources related to customer’s activities and Garuda Indonesia’s products need to be collected, prepared, and integrated into a single big data platform. Then, the integrated data is analyzed and processed through big data analytics approach. Data aggregation technique is used for analyzing the insight. RFM model and analysis is used to calculate customer value. For segmenting customer, the clustering method is used. And experimental analysis is used to measure the effectiveness of the campaign process. Result – This research finds that a marketing mix framework analysis for airlines using big data analytics approach covers 5P element (Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, and People). Index Terms - Airlines, Big Data Analytics, Clustering, Customer Value, Marketing Mix, RFM, Sales, and Segmentation.