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Sentiment Analysis Of Indonesian Airlines Using Online Textual Reviews On Tripadvisor Using Big Data Analytics

The homogeneity of services offered by airlines contributes toward fierce competition among them. Airlines need to make different services, thus providing a competitive advantage for the airline. Online review websites provide a great opportunity for customers to write reviews in evaluating products or services online. Airlines could strategically use online reviews to achieve competitive advantages by extracting insights regarding service attributes contained in the reviews. The aims of the research are to extract service attributes from online reviews, calculate customer sentiment, and to infer positioning of airlines in Indonesia based on service attributes mentioned in reviews. We collected approximately 6000 online reviews from traveler review website ( Text mining was used for preprocessing, sentiment analysis was used to reveal customer sentiment, and correspondence analysis was used to describe the position of airlines in Indonesia. We found that several keywords as services attributes wereconsistently evident in online reviews. Some of the service attributes were: flight, time, service, food, and entertainment. We also found that all airlines got more positive sentiments from their customers. From the position map derived from online reviews, we conclude that Garuda Indonesia, Batik, Sriwijaya, Lion, Wings, Air Asia, and Citilink have their own characteristics inherent in the minds of customers. Keywords - Airlines Attribute, Correspondence Analysis, Indonesian Airlines, Online Reviews, Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining.