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A Study On Hub Connectivity Of Garuda Indonesia

This paper discusses the approach to measure the network connectivity in the hub and spoke system for Garuda Indonesia. As a modification to previous studies that considered the dimensions of customer satisfaction such as detouring factor, connecting time, connection time in relation to flight time, number of destinations, frequency, and commercial objectives of passenger revenue and passenger demand, this study will also consider additional parameter of departure and arrival time. The performance evaluation model will be focused on the biggest hub in Garuda’s network, namely Cengkareng (CGK). The numerical analysis will be conducted to evaluate the hubs with the proposed connectivity measure. To make a comparison, the hub connectivity of Singapore Airlines’ hub will also be calculated. The result of this research will help Garuda to optimize the existing hub through hub reengineering, to expand the network and improving the connectivity. Index Terms - Network, Connectivity, Hub and Spoke, Garuda Indonesia, Airline