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Decision Making Analysis Using The Markov Method In The Implementation Of Asset Management in Pt. PLN (Persero) West Java Transmission

Decision making in companies is very important to achieve company goals, optimize operational costs, and improve the quality of service to consumers. Analysis of decision making can be done by making a mathematical approach to see the most appropriate and most effective decisions and have a major impact on the problems faced. The right decision can reduce unwanted losses.In this paper, markov modeling is used in determining decisions on the complexity of the problems faced, in the context of implementing asset management in management at PT. PLN (Persero) Transmission Main Unit of West Java. The modeling results show the probability of damage based on the brand, the number of assets managed, and the quantity of Human Resources owned by the company. The results of markov modeling can be used as a parameter for management at PT. PLN (Persero) Transmission Main Unit of West Java to make the most appropriate decisions in various problems faced. So that the effectiveness of operational costs can be applied. And the quality of the company can be improved and achieve operational excellence. Keywords - Asset management, Decision making, Markov Modeling