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Transformation of Information Society Into Knowledge Society

The functioning of society in the modern world is based on the use of information. Citizens' everyday lives and activities are focused on various social and economic processes in which knowledge and information play a special role. The broadcasting of information-based content among the public is possible thanks to ICT (Information and Communications Technology), which is used to create, share, process and collect information. The knowledge society is not just focused on the penetration of the internet (the main ICT medium) and modern technologies into social life. It must properly use technological innovation and maximise the ability of all citizens to participate in the dissemination of knowledge aimed at the personal development, individual creativity and experience of all people. The benefits of expanding the knowledge society will be greatest when the concept of the broad involvement of all of society is accepted. The knowledge society must be one formation, in which all citizens have access to new communication technologies. Therefore, it is crucial for social involvement that all citizens, particularly seniors, are made ready for the use of basic telecommunications and information devices. It is anticipated that in Poland in 2050, 31% of the population will be over 65 years of age. The ageing of the population is global, and the expected increase in the number of elderly people in Poland will be one of the largest in Europe. Therefore, discussions about the knowledge society should largely focus on thinking in terms of the 'silver economy' and targeting supply to the ageing society, so that the elderly, irrespective of limitations resulting from their psychophysical fitness, can consciously influence the growth of the global economy and develop social wellbeing. This will also have an impact on improving their quality of life (including health), and will provide an opportunity for equal access to culture, science and the world of politics for all elderly citizens, regardless of their place of residence. It is important that the governments of all countries realise that mass production and mass use of knowledge via information and communications technologies can go hand in hand with successful economic development in a connected world of different nationalities, irrespective of origin, gender or age. Keyword - ICT, Senior Marketing, Knowledge Society