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Influence of Multiple Institutional Logics and Social Categorization in Decision-Making in Business

This conceptual paper proposes a view towards decision making from information process perspective, involving actors influenced by categorization and institutional logics, and such relationships are regulated integratedly by different moderators and mediators, one of those is completeness of information. This research studies decision-making based on choice theories, systems theory, information processing process theory, social categorization theory and institutional logics theory. The applicable research methods is mixed methods with the application of MAXQDA. Specifically, qualitative methods used are observations and interviews, quantitative ones are surveys, correlational research using quantitative data analysis tools, including SPSS, STATA and experiments. Findings from this research identify (1) some common communication errors in decision makings, (2) factors constituting such errors, (3) the intervention of technological change and development in globalization context leading errors as well as (4) bring about better understanding of social relations at work in such context in relation to communication errors and possibly (5) the optimum combination for an error-free system. Index Terms - Institutional Logics, Social Categorization, Information Processing Process, Cognitive Biases, Decision-Making, Choice Theories