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Factors Relating to Stress Management and Mental Health Status of Nursing Students, Thailand

The purpose of this research was to study the level of stress and stress management behavior of students in the Central region nursing network 2and to study factors that affect stress, stress management behavior and mental health status of the central region network among nursing students. The research model is a cross-sectional study which collect data from questionnaires. By inquiring from nursing studentsin the Central Region2, The total number of samples is 470 people. The examination of the tools was Content validity which was tested by 3 experts and was proved confidence by using the Alpha Cronbach. The reliability was 0. 868. The results of the study showed that nursing students in the Central region 2 had the high levels of stress (53.7 %).The stress of nursing studentswas significantly different at the level of 0.05 within the family income and the adequacy of the money in each month. Most of causes of stress of students was the problem of learning (72.7%). Nursing students in The Central region 2 had the most stress management methodswhich was watching movies and listening to music (83.3%). Keywords - Stress, stress management, nursing students