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Influence of Probiotic Fermentation on Chosen Properties of White Mulberry (Morus Alba L.) Leaf Extract

The aim of this investigation was to obtain white mulberry leaf extract fermented by probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum 299v in order to achieved the product exhibiting characteristics of functional food that could be a potential carrier of probiotic bacteria in foodstuff recommended in prevention and dietary therapy of the diabetes type 2. Moreover, biochemical and microbiological analyzes were carried out to determine the effect of the fermentation process on changes the selected properties of the tested raw plant material. The obtained results indicate that the both prepared drinks variants (fermented and unfermented white mulberry leaf extracts) characterized by strong antioxidant properties and exhibited the ability to chelate iron ions (Fe2+). Furthermore, the number of viable cells of the bacterial probiotic strain L. plantarum 299v achieved the value 4 • 107 CFU per 1 ml of the fermented beverages. The research results suggest that the obtained final product has a high potential of health promoting properties. Keywords - Fermentation, Morus Alba, Probiotics