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An Experimental Approach for Soil-Tool Interaction

This paper is part of a study to develop robots for farming. As such power requirement to operate equipment attach to such robots become an important factor. Soil-tool interaction play major role in power consumption, thuspredicting accurately the forces which act on the blade during the farming is very important for optimal design of farm equipment.In this paper experiments were performed using a linear monorail system in the soil bin facility at the University of Saskatchewan in order to find horizontal force acting on the blade when the blade moves through the soil. During motion of the blade, load cells collect data and send them to a computer. The measured forcesusing load cells had noisy signals. The filtered experimental results compared with analytical soil mechanics results, and showed good agreement in accurately measuringhorizontal forces developed on the blade. Keywords - Load Cell, Accelerometer, Blade Force, Filtering, Soil-Blade Interaction