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Analysis of Critical Domain Knowledge Lost in Oxygen Company

The collective retirement of a large number of knowledge workers caused by the aging of the population leads to the loss of core knowledge in enterprises and the loss of core competitiveness of enterprises. Only by acquiring and preserving their tacit knowledge before employees retire and reserving it for later new employees to learn and use, can this problem be alleviated. Therefore, in this study, we selected eight new engineers in the oxygen company as samples to study the knowledge needed to be retained urgently in the enterprise and the knowledge gap of new employees. The results show that 70% of the new employees ‘work problems come from the maintenance and design of the central oxygen supply system. New employees often encounter problems in the design and maintenance of the central oxygen supply system due to lack of work experience. In order to solve the research problems, they organize interviews with experts, set up cop learning exchange groups, and establish a knowledge base to acquire the experience and knowledge of experts and preserve them, so as to help new employees learn and solve problems. Keywords - Retirement, Knowledge Storage, Knowledge Engineering