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Study on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy based Kenaf/Banana/Glass Fiber Hybrid Nano Composites

Development of the polymer hybrid composite as a sustainable alternative materials for some engineering applications, particularly in aerospace application and automobile applications are being investigated. The role of natural fibers reinforced hybrid composite are growing in a field of engineering and technology due to favorable properties. In the present unsustainable environmental condition natural fibers are serving better materials in terms of biodegradability, low cost, high strength and corrosion resistance when compared to conventional materials. The main objective is to prepare the Kenaf/Glass fiber hybrid composite filled with graphene as nano filler and to investigate the mechanical properties of hybrid composites. The different types of hybrid composites laminates are fabricated without filler, 0.5, 1 & 1.5Wt % of graphene by using kenaf and glass fiber as reinforcing material with epoxy resin. The specimen were prepared as per the ASTM standards and results shows that the mixing of graphene in epoxy resin improves the mechanical properties of hybrid composites and also the performance of kenaf/glass fiber composites is more than banana/glass fiber composites. Keywords: Kenaf Fiber, Banana Fiber, Nano Filler, Hybrid Composite Material