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Amazon’s Stock Price Evolution and E-Commerce Sales Expansion: An Analysis Using State Space Models

E-commerce has been gaining significant space in the customers and sellers’ decisions. For those economics agents, e-commerce enables particular advantages, such as search and information costs reduction, positive spillovers, access to new goods and services, and increase of productivity level. Amazon was the pioneer in e-commerce and its emergence is linked to the increasing of this market in the United States. The purpose of this article is analyze, using the State Space Model, if the series composed by the American e-commerce monthly volume of sales via Internet added information to the series composed by the Amazon’s average monthly stock prices from August 2008 to May 2018. It is important to highlight that there is no knowledge of existing articles that study this relation. For that reason, the results from this exploratory article were satisfactory due to the evaluation criteria showed a better adherence to the model proposed in this article to explain the positive relation between both series in the selected period. Keywords— E-commerce; Amazon; Stock price; State Space Model.