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Modeling and Design of Odor Control System With CFD Analysis in A Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station

Due to increase of population in the developed cities, odor pollution caused by municipal solid waste in the landfill area or transfer stage is a public concern. At the stations where the transfer amount reaches 4000-5000 tons/day, it is demanded to eliminate the odor and minimize the environmental impact especially in facilities that are located in living areas. In this study, the design of the odor control system at Başakşehir Municipal Waste Transfer Station of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Superstructure Projects is given with collection and treatment stages of the scented air. The aim is to optimize the ventilation system for odor control by using computational fluid dynamic method. Keywords - Odor Pollution Control, Odor Treatment System, Odor Measurement, Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station, Waste Management, CFD Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Wet Scrubber, Ventilation.