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Contribution towards Environmental Systems

One of the best ways to make positive contribution towards environmental systems is by pursuing the United Nations sustainable development goals and promoting sustainability studies and environmental causes in educational frameworks and learning contexts. Emphasis on sustainable development often changes radically due to changing circumstances in many nations including leadership changes. Unless sustainable development goals are supported by sustainable strategies consistent long-term progress towards the goals of environmental improvements, biodiversity, and sustainable development is unachievable. Sustainable strategies must be built for sustainable development using resilient elements of modern development methodologies. Technological innovations in many areas including electric automobiles, wind turbines, solar panels, and battery technology may help. However, most important role will be played by eco-literacy and other broad-based educational practices, because with proper education humans are likely to make long term commitment to sustainable development. Any nation can play a leading role in developing management strategies for sustainable development with good local applications within a global framework. Destructive technology for war, internal combustion engines, deforestation, toxic waste, menacing consumerism and other assaults on sustainability often cause long-term harm to our environment and dampen our spirit of sustainable development. Despite these obstacles, many groups and families are looking for opportunities to work together to replace wars by peace and hate by love for each other, and make positive contribution towards environmental systems. This paper also proposes a new general education course for all undergraduate degree programs for universities/colleges worldwide; this course will be also available for non-credit and audit purposes. Keywords- Automobiles, Economy, Education, Sustainable Development.